Delivering Value Through Insight™ in Facility & Property Management (FPM)

Cost Optimization in Facility & Property Management (FPM) with Expense Reduction Analysts

Facility management and maintenance—including cleaning services, utilities, property/equipment leasing, etc.—are integral components for all organizations.

Ensuring facilities are clean and properly maintained for staff, customers, and clients is a high priority for many organizations.

But how can you tell if you’re getting maximum value for such services?

Experienced ERA consultants review clients’ supplier arrangements to determine if additional cost-savings opportunities exist and use a specialized review process helps clients leverage extra cash flow from their supplier base.

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Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning services and supplies are often externalised.

With a wide variety of suppliers available, it is difficult to find the right partner that will not only undertake the obvious cleaning needs (dusting, hovering, disinfection, etc.) but also in many cases meet industry compliance requirements.

The experts at Expense Reduction Analyst know the requirements of the markets and the most efficient methods to help you get excellent service at better prices.


The Building & Plant team specialises in assisting a range of ERA clients with reducing their outgoings and optimising service provision.

They cover the full range of consumables and plant hire used to support a wide range of maintenance activities.

Our Construction team often works in collaboration with our Facilities Management team to deliver holistic solutions that exceed client expectations.

We specialise in providing solutions to organisations that are involved in a wide range of maintenance activities, whether they employ their own team, or use subcontractors – we provide innovative solutions designed to reduce costs and improve service delivery.

We work alongside existing teams, adding expertise and advice in certain areas as required, as well as additional resource to make them capable of delivering more.

Retail Solutions

With continuing pressure facing the high street to compete with online retailers amid ever changing consumer behaviour, having the right retail solutions in place when it comes to your facility and property management can make a huge difference to your profitability.

Although there are a variety of options available to retailers, the decision making process can be complex and requires specific understanding to tailor the right solution for your business.

Property Tax & Business Rates

Almost all UK organisations are compelled to pay business rates and many incur additional property costs including, rent, dilapidation and service charges. Our experts work to uncover opportunities for reduced outgoings and potentially significant cash rebates.

The Property team focuses on delivering savings in occupancy costs for businesses of all sizes working predominantly within business rates and strategic property services. In addition to advising companies, they also specialist in sectors including education, leisure and healthcare. Their approach is to appraise each Client site and develop an individual case-by-case strategy to maximize the scope for savings. Their strength is the combination of accommodating their Clients’ individual needs with an innovative approach that focuses on getting the best result for the Client.

Our experts also advise corporates within their own transition phase on the best property strategy in terms of minimizing ongoing property spend, through a combination of discussing improved working practices, space planning and tailoring a property accommodation strategy their meets the ongoing demands of their company.

What suppliers dont want you to know

Outdoor & Grounds Management

Landscaping services are equally important to many businesses, public or educational and not-for-profit organisations to help maintain grounds, gardens and open spaces.

Selecting the right partner, being able to compare offers with those of competitors and market rates can be eased by Expense Reduction Analysts; our consultants have “insider” knowledge and can put their expertise at your disposal to help you achieve savings and get the best bespoke service.

Security Services

Security solutions for businesses vary widely, from business alarm systems to security guard services.

Clients benefit from Expense Reduction Analysts consultants’ security service knowledge to help them uncover cost-savings opportunities.

Working together, Expense Reduction Analysts helps organisations review non-core costs for services such as security to recover additional cash flow — offering financial peace of mind… and security.

Waste Management

Did you know some businesses make money from their waste?

With the help of Expense Reduction Analysts consultants, businesses can make the best of their waste materials, increase their green credentials and save money in the process.

Facility & Property Management

Facility Management represents an exciting sector, with a wide range of dynamic opportunities based on the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Clients are increasingly taking proactive steps to ensure their FPM needs are being met, particularly in terms of a tailored service that supports their specific setup.

Our industry specialists can provide you with class leading advice and recommendations, providing a full functional strategy to ensure your FPM costs are fully optimised whilst supporting the wider needs of your business.

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