International Fleet & Mobility Management

Sustainable Results for International Fleet Management

Running an international company requires additional skills. As a corporate manager of such a business, you know better than anyone that your attention has to be divided: first and above all, you are at the central steering wheel. But in order to achieve the best results, local situations have to be understood and paid attention to as well.

Managing an international fleet is no different. However, there are even more wheels to turn. Finding a sensible balance – central versus local – is an important yet delicate task. This requires continuous focus, so the business objectives and operational win-wins can be realised.

Key issues impacting the management of an international fleet include:

  • Legislation, taxation, culture and languages differ across individual countries
  • Countries and business units operate and co-operate differently
  • If savings have been achieved, will they be sustainable in the current operation of each country?
  • Are all service agreements with lease companies unambiguous and consistent?
  • How to implement company policy in the field of new drive trains and sustainability in all countries?

Our international fleet team consists of 16 specialists based across Europe in 26 countries. Together, we have expertise in managing and controlling an international fleet centrally. Always tailored to the corporate requirements of our client. While at the same time including the local needs, requirements and wishes.

Download our full white paper today and discover precisely how we can help and support your business by delivering fleet improvements. Our white paper includes a wide range of specific examples of how our team typically help to identify and implement fleet improvements for our clients, which can help you to understand exactly the value ERA can bring to your organisation.

Download the full International Fleet & Mobility Management White Paper

Inside our full Fleet and Mobility white paper you will find a complete overview of how Expense Reduction Analysts works with clients to manage their international fleet. The white paper includes tangible examples of how we've delivered value to clients and what that means for their cash flow.

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"The ideal world will always remain a dream. However, that is what we aim for."

The Top 7 Key Optimisation Areas

Our specialist Fleet Management team have a tried and test process for finding and delivering opportunities within your business. This process will typically focus on 7 specific optimisation areas which we’ve listed below to help give you visibility of how we can help.

1. Sourcing
Where do you buy or lease your vehicles? At what cost? We have contacts with the lease companies, both national and international. And also with the brands, with importers and with dealers.

2. Cost of use
How do you manage the operational costs of the vehicles? They can be influenced in many ways, e.g. through your fuel cost. Think of the fuel consumption of the vehicles, refuelling locations, fuel discounts, and/or the charging costs for electric vehicles. But also professional fleet and driver management can deliver you valuable results.

3. Contract management
Which contract components do you actually need, and at what service level? Would you rather benefit from a full service package? Or do you unbundle contracts and benefit from optimum cost levels? We are able to help you making the right decision.

4. Hidden cost management
Where is the fleet workload in your organization? Is it in the selection of new vehicles, in fleet management, in exception management or in the administration? And are there hidden costs in your contracts, such as are unexpected recharges or end of contract cost?
We support our clients in selecting the service providers that best fit your requirements and that help you improve your efficiency.

5. Insurances and Damage management
Where are the risks in your fleet? What is your damage profile? Improving the behavior of your drivers by monitoring and our bespoke advice can bring you unexpected benefits. As well as selecting the optimal insurance solution.

6. Alternative mobility solutions
Are there other ways drivers can get to their destination? How can you facilitate these ways? And how to distinguish between fleet, mobility and travel? More and more clients are sharing this dilemma with us too. We can advise you and provide tailor-made solutions that benefit both driver and the company.

7. Policy changes
Does your fleet policy reflect the objectives you want to achieve? Does the policy support recruiting and retaining personnel? Does it support reaching your sustainability targets, and your financial goals? Through peer to peer comparisons, we support you defining the vehicle choice, describing new processes, and add mobility solutions.

Where we see opportunities

Click the infographic below which explores some of the areas we can find opportunities to improve your Fleet Management.

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