Bemis Europe


Small Partner, Major Savings

The Bemis Group, world leader for flexible plastic packaging, commissioned Expense Reduction Analysts to optimise their transportation costs. Yannick Magnon, Purchasing Manager for Bemis Europe, comments on a successful partnership.

What project did you entrust them with?

Y.M. “They were commissioned to optimise the transportation expenses (road, sea and air) for the Group in Europe.”

How did you coordinate the management between countries?

Y.M.: “First, there was a phase of data gathering within the various companies of the Bemis Group. By definition, transport is a local operation, split between the different production sites, warehouses and clients. The individual needs of each unit have been well understood and alternative solutions initiated.”

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"Where they differentiate themselves from other consultants is with regards to implementation and monitoring. There are always people on the market who promise the earth, but disappear when faced with the unexpected, and you are left to deal with all the problems."

Yannick Magnon, Purchasing Manager, Bemis Europe

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