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Matia Foundation is a non-profit organisation and a reference in the care of elderly and dependent people, located in the Basque country and in Europe. It all started in 1881 when the Basque merchant ship owner José Maria Calvo decided to bequeath his property to the care of elderly and dependant people. Since then, reading about the organisation’s history is following the development of the most advanced trends in care: from the compassionate 19th century charity to the 21st century philosophy, marked by a commitment to R&D and by a protocol on care with a comprehensive approach that focuses on the characteristics and circumstances of each individual.

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“Lozón’s professionalism has been incredible. He has captured the very essence of Matia. He has shown great sensitivity and passed it on to the rest of the team. He has soon understood that it was not just about figures.”

Raquel Lázaro, CFO - Matia Foundation

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