After more than 20 years of experience within corporate finance and M&A, Dan decided it was time for a change and joined Expense Reduction Analysts in Romania.

“I would say that mine is a story of adaptation. My career had just started out in 1987, after graduating from college, but 1989 entirely changed the paradigm in which I had planned my future career. I was quick enough to become aware of the fact that the industrial business of those times was fading away and therefore, I started thinking seriously about reinventing myself.”

“This is how I came to develop myself and to undergo two new educational stages, among which was a new degree in International Relations and Marketing. This is how I gradually found myself in the financial consultancy services area.”

“The desire to be an independent person but also the desire to achieve interesting things instead of wasting time in endless meetings. In few words, action instead of pure criticism is what persuaded me to become self-employed.”

Franchise vs New Business

“Out of modesty, unless you’re Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, it’s difficult to build a successful business without a large amount of capital. Therefore, I looked for an opportunity to match both my financial resources with my previous experience, and ERA provided just that.”

“While it’s been only a year since I started out my business, and this kind of business requires a longer cycle, I can however tell you that I have more than 12 projects ongoing and I hope that the next year finds me within the limits of the estimated planning, both in terms of income and profitability.”

Why ERA?

“Because I considered that it is one of the consultancy products most suitable for the Romanian market, both in terms of its content and of the extremely fair remuneration provided for the savings made”.

“I want to grow as much as possible within Expense Reduction Analysts and to generate synergies with other types of consultancies.”