As Portugal’s economy continues to thrive, supported by growth in Tourism and International Investment, ERA is proud to announce a new management team to help our impressive Portuguese team provide further value and cost optimization support to even more clients.

ERA is currently implementing plans to double their Portuguese business over the next 3 years with a new leadership team, maximizing their presence in the market.

With this in mind we are now proud to introduce the new partnership team leading the network in Portugal, João Costa (pictured left) and João Pontes (pictured right). Both bring with them strong corporate and high-level management experience and are enthusiastic about the future, foreseeing strong growth in the number of customers they can support and the size of ERA’s Portuguese network.

João Costa’s experience as an ERA client means that he has a great insight into the effectiveness of the solution ERA consultants provide. “The Portuguese market is having a great moment, but headwinds are forecast in the international economy, which will put greater pressure for the local businesses. ERA has a unique position to help implement efficiencies and gain competitive advantage in any company across all sectors due to its in-depth expertise across the whole supply chain. Being a former ERA client places me undoubtfully in a privileged position to talk about ERA’s key benefits for any company.”

In the past 4 years João Pontes has achieved great success in his ERA business and has earned everyone’s respect as a senior part of the European team. He is now equally as excited about this new partnership and the future of ERA’s business in Portugal, believing that their combined experience provides a strong base for all new and existing ERA Consultants to grow in Portugal.

“Our consultants can focus on their own skill set and utilize the ERA network to deliver on the functions where others are stronger. With our joint management team, we have competencies to offer incremental support to all the local structure, irrespective of whether the Partner is focusing on client management, project management or solution delivery.” (João Pontes)

With the demand for ERA’s services growing in Portugal now is a great time to join this successful team. They are looking for entrepreneurial and ambitious professionals seeking to develop their own consultancy business as part of an award-winning global network.

If you are ready to take the next step in your career and would like to learn more about our proven concept, then feel free to reach us directly.


João Costa | Country Manager

T: +351 210 534 250 | M: +351 917 274 425


João Pontes| Country Manager