Insurance and fleet procurement go hand in hand. That fact is true everywhere in Europe. If you’re looking at fleet costs, you should be checking insurance, and when reviewing insurance, you should also be thinking about your fleet.

This brief summary is suitable for all European countries and deals with:

  • Fleets that are owned by our clients
  • Fleets that are part of a financial lease
  • Fleets that are part of an operating lease
  • Mixed fleets (owned and in lease)
  • International fleets (fleets based in more than one country)

Situations vary widely depending on the country:

For tax reasons

In certain countries, it is often more profitable to keep insurance separate from the lease or remove it rather than keeping it integrated (Belgium, for example). Tax laws in other countries provide better rates when insurance is integrated into the lease contract (approximately 14% in the Netherlands).

For market reasons

In some countries, like the United Kingdom, insurance is driver-focused and is, therefore, not offered by leasing companies. In other countries, such as Germany and Italy, insurance is almost always separate.

For convenience reasons

With the help of ERA’s insurance specialists, taking insurance out doesn’t have to be complicated. Insurance within a lease can be more user-friendly, often offering just one number to call for any questions you might have about your car. ERA has both fleet and insurance specialists in all European countries. They are well-versed in area specific tax implications and local markets. So, wherever your fleet is based, ERA will find the most suitable combination of fleet and insurance options and make them work together.

ERA offers the following benefits:

  • Expertise – We have over 1000 local insurance projects in the category of fleet alone.
  • Management support – We’ve been managing projects for 30 years. We’ll continue doing exactly that for another 30 and beyond.
  • Broader than insurance alone – Focus on claims and driver behaviour can be used to retain good members of staff.
  • Insights – We can help you to be aware if claim statistics are higher than expected and suggest reasons why.
  • Easing your burden – Separating lease from insurance can lead to more work at the start. ERA minimises work during and after implementation.
  • Risk management – Sometimes good practical measures can replace costly insurance payments.
  • International – ERA can create systems to insure your fleet in multiple countries, and overcome local differences.
  • Tailor-made – Insurance can be adapted to the specific requirements of the leasing companies. That might include book value after theft or total loss. Fleet, age and number of vehicles will influence the need for total insurance or accepting more risk on the client’s side.
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