Rising to the Occasion

ERA Study in Partnership with EBS University & The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME)

Both global players and SMEs know that procurement is an increasingly key function. When it comes to competitive ability, purchasing departments are challenged to rise to the occasion. They have become the drivers of company success. In many companies, qualified procurement management must be preceded by rethinking the status quo.

Our latest study, conducted in partnership with the EBS University of Economics and The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), has found that companies with a permanent focus on process improvement, have seen their efficiencies increase by 13%.

This study focuses on 7 key areas and provides metrics highlighting the positive impact on companies when engaging with external consultants. Our results found those who incorporate the know-how and expertise of external consultants see their competitive ability boosted by 20%.

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Our free report is available now and explores each of the 7 key areas integral to the success of Purchasing departments and provides the supporting analytical data including how companies using external consultants can see their competitive ability increase by 20%.

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"Irrespective of how hard we think our business is right now – it will only get harder"

Dieter Zetsche - Chairman, Mercedes Benz

Factors to Consider

Managing Risk

This may sound easy to achieve but our study found 60% of companies do not actively manage risks, with the majority lacking resources and IT tools to ensure their Purchasing security – but this is exactly where external experts can begin helping.

Traditionally, Purchasing has been viewed as a cost-optimising department. But today, Purchasing protects the long-term competitive ability of companies through the safeguarding of supply and optimisation of processes. Above all, the ability to understand internal customers is essential – and once understood, to procure what they need from the right supplier.

Ultimately the goal is better long term risk management and by establishing Purchasing strategy as a reason for success, companies can improve their performance. In fact, the aforementioned 13% increase in efficiency is achieved when long term investment in Purchasing resources is made, resulting in improved transparency, improved knowledge transfer and further development of the tools used.

Download our full report for free

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