CIMOS d.d. cuts carbon emissions by 183 tonnes each year

CIMOS d.d. has committed to environmental responsibility and effective management of natural resources and energy efficiency

The management system in place ensures that their products and services meet the needs and expectations of their customers and the interested public. To do so, CIMOS d.d. will take into account health and safety, environmental protection requirements and possible energy efficiency improvements.

In this context, ERA’s specialists Marko Skolaris and Ian Morrison supported the client’s commitment by delivering an energy conservation project involving compressed air. ERA experts analysed the client’s set-up to provide compressed air in the manufacturing process.

By identifying problems and organising the corrective actions the client was able to reduce energy usage by 10-15%.

The solution will reduce CIMOS’s carbon emissions by approximately 183 tonnes each year.

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ERA Partners Involved

Marko Školaris

Marko is an innovative business consultant with 20+ years of experience, assisting companies to grow faster by finding extra resources for their development processes. Marko’s experience enables him to be a proactive coach, strategy developer and project manager.

Marko is focused on delivering high value process and efficiency improvements for his clients, supporting national and international projects for mid-size and large enterprises.

Ian Morrison

Ian has been with ERA since 2004 and brings 30+ years’ experience, gained in blue chip multinational companies, dealing with Facilities Maintenance, Manufacturing and Distribution. Ian operated at board level with full P&L responsibilities.

Ian and his team specialise in creating and implementing bespoke practical supply chain solutions that deliver savings without compromising service.

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