ICME ECAB SA commits to sustainability

Corporate responsibility is an essential component for Cablel Hellenic Cables, the group of which ICME ECAB SA is a part

It is striving towards sustainability, recognising that employees, shareholders and social stakeholders depend on the company to take meaningful action.

Within this framework, Cablel Hellenic Cables Group demonstrates responsibility in everything it does. From product development to technological research, the company has adopted a strict set of standards for environmental protection and the promotion of health and safety in the workplace.

In this direction, ICME ECAB partnered up with our consultant Remus Hirceaga to explore the change of the incumbent electricity supplier to one that can provide 100% hydro green energy.

Thanks to that change – which took effect on 1st September 2021 – ICME ECAB’s carbon emissions on energy have been reduced to 10,600 tonnes of CO2 per year!

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ERA Partners Involved

Remus Hirceaga

Remus holds a bachelor’s degree from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca (1996), as well as professional management diplomas from Sheffield Univestity (2008) and OUBS (2004) in the UK.

He also graduated from OMV AG’s Tallent Challenge program in 2009, and holds the 2004 ExxonMobil Reaching Beyond International Award.

Prior to joining ERA, Remus has held various top corporate management positions including Board Member in OMV Romania (2005-2009), Administrator in Petrom LPG (2010-2011), OMV / Petrom Commercial Manager for Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia (2005-2010) and LPG & Marine Manager of OMV AG (2010-2011). He also has experience in the lubricants business, holding the position of Sales Manager in ExxonmMobil (2000-2005) and Aral Romania (1996-2000).

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