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Prescribing Expense Reduction Analysts to reduce costs

Since its opening in 1989, Barcelona Hospital has been very concerned with proper waste management. Their efforts were intensified with the arrival of Mavi Moré as Environmental Technician and the nomination of Maria del Mar Fernandez as Head of Service, who implemented an ecological consciousness that went far beyond the correct sorting and recycling of waste, where the classification of residue is, for health and hygiene reasons, already regulated.

Our case study provides a detailed overview of the ways in which ERA was able to help Barcelona Hospital. Although their primary focus was environmental improvements, Expense Reduction Analysts were able to review their organisation as a whole and deliver significant cost savings in a number of cost categories including telecommunications, waste and medical supplies.

In many instances, ERA were able to retain the incumbent supplier but still reduce overall costs through negotiation of better prices.

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"We are pleased with the work realised in collaboration with Expense Reduction Analysts, as they have helped us introduce some improvements in operations, achieve considerable savings and help us strengthen our environmental policy."

Mavi Moré, Environmental Technician, Barcelona Hospital

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