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Professional Services firms’ operating expenses can represent 20-25% of total revenue. Encompassing everything from IT and outsourced services to travel, document production and stationery, the vast majority of these costs represent opportunities for your business to find considerable cost reductions and service improvements – if you know where these costs come from and how you can challenge them.

Existing in a vast spectrum of industries, the professional services industry is highly susceptible to external factors, putting increasing pressure on organisations to have well optimised, highly effective strategies in place to achieve their goals. Having absolute clarity on the delivery of your services is crucial to understanding how you can take advantage of opportunities available to you.

Like so many industries, technology and digitalisation are powerful forces for change and it’s essential that your business is optimised to take advantage. Those who fail to adapt to emerging technologies and consumer expectation will fall behind and this is precisely how external help can provide real value.

Whilst improving productivity, efficiency and competitiveness are the foundation of our efforts, the ultimate goal is to safeguard your future. Solving short term issues is a by-product, as fundamentally our aim is to optimise your organisation so that it can adapt more effectively to changing market conditions, and embrace technological advancements more proactively. This will enable you to gain a competitive advantage.

Expense Reduction Analysts work with your existing infrastructure, identifying key opportunities and scoping practical strategies to support your ambitions.

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Introduction to Expense Reduction Professional Services

Expense Reduction Analysts provide a wide assortment of innovative, industry solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Here, Jason Adderly, who leads our Professional Services group, explains how we can help your business and some of the key areas we focus on. To find out more about Expense Reduction Professional Services Solutions, download the full white paper today.

"As technology is not cheap, nor is change cost-free it’s important to remember that before investing in fancy new ideas, you should make sure that you’re maximising the benefits of the technologies you already own. Very often this is not the case."

Professional Services Industry Insights


The procurement of new technology can be a risky business. It’s important to accurately scope the outcomes desired and ensure these are adequately reflected in the schedule and SLA. The commercial aspects of contracts can also be opaque a when you’re buying a service for the first time.

Merger and Acquisition

In a mature market where growth is steady, but slow, many firms have sought to grow scale and capability through merger, acquisition or lateral hire.
Post-merger integration presents its own challenges of supplier fragmentation, inconsistent buyer behaviour and duplication of services which can be time-consuming to address. What’s more, bodies are often buried in the contractual arrangements of the firm you may be acquiring, which can lead to a nasty shock.

Regulatory Change

Professional Services firms are bound by strict regulations, so compliance and risk management are integral to all significant supplier decisions.
Supply chain management needs to address social challenges such as the Living Wage and Modern Slavery together with data and environmental protection all under scrutiny.

"Where a firm lacks category-based procurement expertise firms often react, rather than plan, for an impending contract expiry and can be “vendor led” into inappropriate and costly arrangements."

To find out more about how our Professional Services Solutions can help your organisation, explore who we are which provides further information on how we work and how we can deliver Value Through Insight to your business.

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