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An Evolved Approach to Insurance Management

The Thought Leadership | Issue 3 | More Risk Management and Less Insurance

In this issue of our Thought Leadership publication, Andrea Gorza examines the top 10 global risks facing businesses, demonstrating why and how these issues can be addressed by business leaders.

These challenges cover a wide range of areas such as climate change, cyber security, financial stability risks and the continued growth of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, which are explored in detail within the publication, offering insights and advice from the perspective of a top level decision maker.

Managing risk is a crucial component for success and being aware not only of the challenges which are emerging but also how they are evolving, can enable you to take proactive steps to protect your business. This type of proactivity often results in dramatic cost savings results as well, meaning there is tangible value in utilising insights like these to support your long term strategy.

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"Every single decision involves positive risk (opportunity) and/or negative risk (danger). By better understanding the risk you face, you can make better decisions."

The Top 10 Global Risks for Businesses

About the Author

Inside this issue of The Thought Leadership, you’ll find valuable insights and examinations related to the most pressing issues facing businesses around the world. These issues are varied and cover a hugely diverse range of business operations and it is important to understand how these issues are evolving so that you can prepare and protect your organisation.

Andrea Gorza, specialises in the management of complex projects in large international companies, particularly in the areas of Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sales and IT. In addition to Business Development, Andrea specialises in Client Management as well as Insurance.